Sustainability and environmental stewardship generally aren't topics that come up all that often when thinking about drinks. Unlike the food world, where emphasizing local and seasonal and working to diminish food's ecological footprint have become recurring themes, the bar has always approached things a bit differently.

But that's changing. As the craft-cocktail movement matures in its second decade, some procedures are starting to more closely align with those in the food world. The use of fresh fruit and other produce is now de rigeur in cocktail bars, and today, it's not unusual to see a bottle of organic spirits somewhere in the mix.

But thinking about the bigger picture, and looking at secondary benefits, organic liquor makes sense‐in the same way that wearing jeans made from organic cotton can reduce the overall spraying of pesticides and the resultant contamination of soil and groundwater, drinking a vodka distilled from organic grain or a brandy from organic grapes can have an impact beyond the drinker's immediate environment, and also provides a financial incentive for growers to use more earth-friendly farming practices.

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